Rupert Village Trust

The Sheldon Store

Building Community in Rupert, Vermont


Stories of the Store -  a little history

Our Mission

The Rupert Village Trust is a nonprofit organization whose mission is historic preservation and community development in the Designated Village Center of Rupert, Vermont. Our first major project is a community center and café in the historic Sheldon General Store. With no other casual gathering place in town, we believe that this project will pioneer a trend towards social and economic vitality and a greater sense of community in Rupert.

Our Vision

The Historic Sheldon Store

By saving this historically significant structure and making it open to the public, the Sheldon Store can once again be a community hub, facilitating conversations and shared activities with neighbors, friends, and visitors. The upstairs, once the grange hall, is perfect for yoga classes, workshops, presentations, and music jams. We can display the work of local artists, facilitate exhibitions of the Historical Society, offer additional space for library functions. The store is directly adjacent to the Rupert Town Green, making it a natural extension of this community space.

The Café

The Rupert Village Trust will ultimately lease space to an independent café operator, continue to schedule events and programs, and implement a comprehensive marketing plan to assure that the café has the best possible chance of long-term success.

Connect With Us!

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